Data Intelligence

E-commerce growth is typically identified as one of the main value drivers in the value creation plans of consumer brand-focused investors.

We’re here to help you understand how to assess digital marketing performance and draft a robust strategy for continued success.

  • Marketing & Positioning

    Understanding the lay of the land

    We deep dive into the target’s online market dynamics and its competitive positioning.

    Marketing & Positioning
  • Historical Performance

    Identifying drivers of success

    We identify the driving factors behind sales performance, funnel dynamics, and paid channel ROI.

    Historical Performance
  • Growth levers and media mix

    Deciding where to play and how to win

    We identify key growth opportunities and resource allocation across associated channels.

    Growth levers and media mix
  • Channel Strategy and tactics

    Creating a roadmap to deliver results

    We provide guidelines to drive channel excellence, from recommended set-up to creative best practices.

    Channel Strategy and tactics


  • When is the right time to perform a digital marketing due diligence?

    While a digital marketing due diligence is typically performed during the second round of an M&A deal, we’re here to help investors who want to get a head start in an M&A process, as well as board members/senior managers who want to draft a robust digital marketing growth strategy (e.g. following a strategy pivot or a change in the senior management team).

  • How long does it take to perform a digital marketing due diligence?

    Every due diligence is tailored to the client’s needs. We strive for a constructive back and forth at the scoping stage to make sure that the client’s needs are addressed in a clear and impactful way. On average, a month is needed to perform a digital marketing due diligence.

  • What is the difference between a digital marketing and a commercial due diligence?

    The lack of digital marketing expertise in strategy consulting firms offering commercial due diligence services leads to subpar high-level digital strategies, executed by agencies that don’t have the resources to act as strategic partners. We help consumer brands draft holistic and actionable digital marketing strategies thanks to our combination of strategy and digital marketing expertise.

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