A holistic growth partnership

Key result

In 2020, Tia grew by 9x and raised $24 million in funding.

To market a healthcare disruptor, we crafted an ambitious long-term growth strategy. Its first pillar: smart multi-channel audience targeting. Its second: our creative, web, and data expertise.

  • Two Growth Partners

    Tia: the modern medical home for women Superbolt: A D2C Growth Agency

    Tia is an innovative, subscription-based virtual and physical clinic that provides integrative, holistic healthcare for women.

  • Women's health: neglected and underfunded

    Like many women, Tia’s two founders, Felicity and Carolyn, experienced major structural gaps while navigating the healthcare system: from longer wait times and routine dismissal to mistreatment and ultimately misdiagnosis. They knew women deserved better, so they imagined a new kind of clinic: where women can finally feel seen, heard, and cared for, and where medical specialists collaborate to support physical, mental, and emotional health.

    Tia’s business model is novel and convenient: with a monthly subscription of $15, women get access to unlimited messaging with the care team and same-day appointment with in-house specialists such as gynecologists, primary care providers, and therapists. All medical and wellness data is centralized and transparent, accessible to members and their care team at any time. With a common, femme-centered mission, no issue gets overlooked or minimized.

    To extend healthcare beyond Tia appointments, they also cultivate community through events and workshops that emphasize connectivity, conversation, and ongoing education around the diversity of experiences that comprise female health.

    Mid-2019, when Tia felt they had perfected their product, they came to Superbolt to help them scale.

  • The Strategy

    Just like women trust Tia with their care, Tia trusted us with their growth. As full-funnel experts in D2C brand growth, Superbolt had the tools to supercharge traffic and acquire new members for Tia. In collaboration with Tia's executive team, we defined a cohesive strategy that included a refined budget allocation throughout the marketing funnel, a media mix mainly composed of Facebook and Google Ads, and a Web and SEO scope to maximize results.

    Our first goal: Increase Brand Awareness

    Because Tia is a broad standard of care most women only dream of, our first challenge was to nail down the most effective creative approach to encompass such a grand idea in only a few images and words.

    We then defined a media mix: 75% of the budget would go towards prospecting for new leads, mainly on Facebook and Instagram.

    Lastly, we built and refined our target audience: we started with local audiences of women 18-45 years old living in New York. Over time, we've scaled these audiences to include health conditions and wellness interests.

    Our second goal: Ensure Efficient Member Acquisition

    The remaining 25% of the budget would best serve to retarget existing prospects and obtain conversions. We also expanded our media mix and audience touchpoints to other channels like Google Ads, Yelp, Quantcast, and Out of Home. To maximize conversions, our web team also helped Tia build and optimize mobile and desktop landing pages. We are also involved in ensuring Tia's SEO is exemplary.

  • Reframing Success: A COVID-19 Growth Strategy

  • When COVID hit, Tia had no choice but to shut down the physical clinic we had both worked so hard to advertise. Immediately, our new member acquisition was cut roughly in half, and we had to stop all performance ads to drive member growth.

    In this extreme situation, our capacity to pivot and strategize was put to the test.

    While Tia reevaluated their market proposition, Superbolt defined new priorities. Instead of trying to acquire new members, we focused on two full-funnel goals: increasing Tia’s reach and perfecting our targeted marketing efforts.

    We worked hand-in-hand to maximize results:

    Objective #1: Increasing reach

    As Tia began publishing their own COVID information, we created science-backed ads that drove traffic to Tia’s Instagram and Website. In the process, we gained followers on Tia’s Instagram page. Once the Tia clinic reopened a few months later, these prospects were much closer and easier to convert, and we saw a surge in membership numbers.

  • Objective #2: More granular targeting

    After some weeks, Tia released a massive update: virtual care. This innovative offering proved groundbreaking for our marketing strategy, as it removed all physical limitations and opened up a host of new audience opportunities. With a broader volume of leads, we were able to segment our target audience into centers of interest (therapy, mental health, feminism, health conditions, virtual care) and obtain much more qualified leads.

    To boost its virtual care offering and address mental health issues exacerbated by COVID, Tia introduced a therapy team. In conjunction, Superbolt designed and tested creatives focused on wellness and mental health, and we found that therapy proved an effective front-door strategy to increase page visits and conversions.

    Tia’s agile market pivots and Superbolt’s full-funnel targeted campaigns fueled continued growth despite COVID.

  • The Creatives

    Throughout our entire collaboration, we relied on our fantastic creative team to craft a variety of outstanding visuals that conveyed Tia’s identity.

  • One of the landing pages we built for Tia.
  • Most importantly: The Results

    In May 2020, Tia raised an impressive $24 Million in funding.

    At the end of the year, Tia opened up a new clinic in LA.

    In collaboration with Superbolt, Tia membership has swelled to over 3,000 members.

    Since our April campaigns, Tia grew by approximately 9 times by the end of Q4.

    The key to our success? We see our growth teams as an extension to our clients’ in-house effectives. With weekly meetings and efficient reporting, we ensured we were always on the same page to reach ambitious objectives.

  • The future

    This year, Tia plans to expand their current markets and enter new ones across the United States. In terms of marketing, we will continue to scale channels such as Facebook and Google Ads, and will collaborate on a new SEO scope.

    We will continue to test new strategies to ensure long-term growth.

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