We increased ROAS by 123% by deploying a robust regional advertising strategy

Separate paid social campaigns were created to specifically focus on value propositions that resonated with different demographics.

Key Result

We improved Click-Through Rates by 85% and Conversion Rates by 38% by leveraging more targeted messaging on ads and landing pages.

"As a longtime start-up operator/former CMO, outsourcing growth to an agency was a scary prospect. But Superbolt is a new kind of agency, filled with talented people who have been on the brand side and understand the scrappiness, flexibility, and creative thinking needed in an increasingly competitive growth landscape."

Ryan McIntyre

General Manager of Digital

Scaling Nationwide

  • Co-founders James Peisker and Chris Carter met in one of downtown Nashville’s favorite kitchens. They immediately hit it off, and decided to jump ship to start their own catering business. As the business grew, Chris and James realized how hard it was to get their hands on quality, local meat from sources they could trust. They decided to start their own butcher shop. In 2017, they decided to take Porter Road online with the goal of making the world’s best meat accessible nationwide. Now Porter Road provides pasture-raised beef, pork, lamb, and chicken delivered straight to your door. At Superbolt, we were enthusiastic about the opportunity to develop their innovative e-commerce and subscription model.

  • A Granular Approach for Big Results

    Superbolt came in to help Porter Road scale across the United States. When covering such a large geographical area, we find it’s best to keep in mind a granular and local mindset for audiences as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. As a general rule: the more targeted your messaging, the better. Our priority was therefore to obtain concrete data to guide our creative direction. We pursued this via a three-step A/B test strategy:

    Step 1: We developed two sets of creatives on different themes: the first focused on the delicious taste of the meat, while the second highlighted its pasture-raised qualities.

  • Step 2: We launched an A/B test: We ran competing campaigns for both of these creative sets on Facebook and Instagram across all 50 states in the United States.

    Step 3: After two weeks, we analyzed the results state-by-state and found our winning creatives at a local level. We found that in the Midwest, the creative direction that resonated the most was around the taste, whereas on both East and West coasts the most persuasive theme was around pasture-raised meats.

    Take a look at our map below to discover which creative worked best in your state:

  • Winning Messaging

    • Pasture Raised
    • Delicious Taste
  • Results

    With concrete evidence regarding the preferences of our audience, we were able to expand this thinking and produce relevant and highly targeted messaging on ads and landing pages. This allowed us to improve click-through rates by 85% and hike conversion rates by 38%.


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