Expansion of Natura's D2C Activity

  • Natura was founded in 1969 and developed into a large cosmetics multinational. Hailing from Brazil, the country with the richest biodiversity on earth, they work directly with over 30 local communities in the Amazon region to help them develop sustainable business initiatives that benefit the forest. In 2020, Natura reached out to us for help expanding their direct-to-consumer activity in the U.S.

  • Strategy

    While keeping in mind that Natura has a multitude of channels and points of sale - brick-and-mortar stores, online resellers, their own website - we set to applying D2C best practices to help them expand the role of their website. We focused on refining their audience targeting, revamping their creative strategy and expanding their paid channels.

  • Audience targeting refinement

    Initially, Natura’s customer base in the U.S. consisted mainly of Brazilian expatriates. We expanded this customer base by finding their market in the US.

    We changed their paid social campaign structure from overly granular traffic campaigns to efficient conversion campaigns to better measure results and optimize for conversions instead of cost per click. We built targeted campaigns around different product categories, for example skincare, mom & baby, bath and body, and adapted our campaigns with specific audiences and messaging. We were able to build full funnels for each category and double down on what was working

    The bath and body line, with less competition and a lower price point, proved a good entry point. By capturing interest with the bath & body line, we were then able to push a greater range of products.

  • Creative strategy revamp

    Along with precise audience targeting, we revamped Natura’s creative strategy by crafting and testing multiple approaches that are on-brand for the D2C landscape.

    For prospecting, the goal was to foster brand awareness and build Natura’s reputation. For retargeting, we focused on the differentiators and value propositions of Natura’s products.

  • To adapt to a D2C audience, we included press and testimonials in certain ads and refreshed the look of their paid advertising to showcase organic lifestyle visuals in line with their identity and sustainability values.

    • Press


    • New Look

      New Look

  • Channel expansion

    In addition to Facebook and Instagram, we diversified into Google Ads to capture existing intent for Natura’s products. We allocated budget to prospecting channels such as Pinterest, Direct Mailers, and TikTok in order to build a strong top of the funnel. We also expanded to Display Ads (Criteo) to retarget qualified prospects.

    These expansion channels have allowed us to scale and obtain strong results.

  • Results

    Year-on-Year revenue increased by 126% in 2020.

    New customer acquisitions grew steadily month over month (+41% new customers from Q2 to Q4 2020).

    Conversion rates increased by 50% on many product lines.

    Google Ads' impression share maximized while quadrupling ROAS.

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