Fab Habitat

We helped Fab Habitat update their visual branding and messaging, and helped them redesign their website.

Key Result

The brand and website refresh contributed to improving their ROAS threefold while doubling spend

"Superbolt has helped us transition our sales from the website to a major source of revenue. They have talented people working for them with a startup mentality and results driven approach. The team is not only laser focused on the metrics to achieve immediate sales but also to build a brand that will last for a long time to come through their creative team. They are very responsive to our digital marketing needs and it is like having a complete marketing department without having a huge budget necessary for it"

Suchin & Kanan Gupta


  • Before

    When we first worked with Fab Habitat, we were able to drive traffic to their website; however, we noticed that prospects weren't converting once they landed on the website. In order to improve conversions, we worked with Fab Habitat to refresh their branding and incorporate more story and messaging on their website.

  • Process

    We worked with Fab Habitat to redesign their visual identity, from updating their logo, colors and font. We also spent time with them honing in their brand messaging and tone of voice, which was especially important. The founders, Suchin and Kanan had such warm and welcoming personalities. They were also very passionate about their products and their mission and we wanted to infuse that throughout their branding and site.

  • Results

    Consumers nowadays place a lot of value on sustainable, eco-friendly products. This aligns well with Fab Habitat's products and mission. As a result, we focused on incorporating Fab Habitat's story, mission throughout the website, such as including a plastic bottle container counter on the product page to emphasize that these products are made from recycled plastic. We also incorporated value props about each product, and gave more information about the materials used to make each product.

    We also helped streamline their user experience by simplifying their navigation menu, and refreshing their collections page filtering experience.


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