We helped Fab Habitat grow revenue by 300% in one year

We worked holistically with Fab Habitat on multiple fronts, from a full brand refresh to optimizing their ads.

Key Result

We improved ROAS threefold while doubling spend

"Superbolt has helped us transition our website sales to a major source of revenue. They have talented people working for them with a startup mentality and results-driven approach. The team is not only laser-focused on the metrics to achieve immediate sales but also to build a brand that will last for a long time to come through their creative team. They are very responsive to our digital marketing needs and it is like having a complete marketing department without having a huge budget necessary for it"

Suchin & Kanan Gupta


Two approaches to Fab Habitat's growth

  • When they founded Fab Habitat in 2009, Suchin & Kanan Gupta wanted to produce durable, stylish home accessories that would be good for the home and even better for the planet. Their philosophy is that a beautiful home doesn’t have to come at the cost of sustainability. Fab Habitat gives plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills and oceans a second life by turning them into stunning home decor. Their catalogue includes gorgeous and resilient rugs, pillows, baskets, throws, and doormats.

    Fab Habitat was initially almost exclusively retail-focused and worked with shops like Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, and Amazon. We started working with Fab Habitat in 2018, when they decided to pursue an expansion of their direct-to-consumer webstore activity.

  • Approach 1 - Website

    With a pivot in audience came a shift in strategy that capitalized on Superbolt’s full-service capabilities in web development, marketing, creatives, and data. In collaboration with Fab Habitat’s team, we defined a cohesive approach tying increased marketing efforts with website optimizations. When we first started working with Fab Habitat, we noticed that prospects weren't converting well once they landed on the website. In order to improve conversions, we worked with Fab Habitat to refresh their branding and redo their website in order to incorporate more storytelling and attractive design.

  • Before

    Fab Habitat’s previous website was functional but not optimized. Their user experience did not encourage users to navigate the site. The colors were rather simple, which did not reflect the brand’s energy and the beautiful aesthetics of their products. Some fonts were too small. Most importantly, it did not highlight Fab Habitat’s commitment to sustainability.

  • After

  • First update: We refreshed Fab Habitat's logo, colors and fonts.

    For the second iteration of Fab Habitat’s logo, we relied on elements from the previous logo - we kept familiar imagery that recalled nature while updating the design to a cleaner reversible two-color format that is easily adapted to include the motto or to fit different sales and branding situations. We extended the same color palette to the website, and used it to wordlessly transmit elements of the brand’s identity: tranquility and harmony.

  • Second update: We focused heavily on incorporating more of their values and mission throughout the flow.

    Storytelling is key to embark prospects on the brand’s mission and to give them a deeper connection to the products they purchase and the brands they support. We felt that our audience would convert much more if they had a complete understanding of Fab Habitat’s commitment to sustainability. These brand insights are best presented in brief, non-intrusive moments when the audience is most receptive to them, such as on the home page or in the images and descriptions when exploring a product. We paired brand insights with beautiful imagery to fully showcase the quality of the product.

  • Third update: We added callouts to their product page in order to highlight the perks of each product.

    To limit the amount of text for customers and to keep them engaged, we used clear, easy-to-read icons to showcase the various advantages of each product. This also encouraged them to shop around and compare different rugs, which led to an increase in average order value.

  • Fourth update: Clear Value Proposition

    Fab Habitat's main value proposition is that their products are made from recycled plastic. We wanted to emphasize this by including a counter to show the impact of one Fab Habitat rug. Not only does this translate an abstract idea into an impressive, concrete visual representation, but it also ties the brand’s values to the customer’s intent.

  • Approach 2 - Google Ads

  • We optimized Fab Habitat's Google unbranded campaigns and increased the number of purchases by 225% by efficiently capturing high-intent traffic for Fab Habitat's product category.

  • First, we split the campaigns by product category and order of priority. This allowed us to obtain clearer insights on each product’s performance and to have greater control over budget allocation. As we split the campaigns, we also worked on developing an even more granular strategy to better match the search terms we were bidding on and the ads being served.

  • Second, we used our internal data tool to cut unwanted traffic and double down on winning search terms. Instead of bidding on a large number of terms we decided to focus on the highest-performing ones. We identified these “winning terms” and used our internal data tool to automatically ascertain and add any other terms as negative keywords. This improved Fab Habitat's quality score and ultimately led to an all-around improvement in cost and performance.

  • Third, we optimized the shopping feed by adding some features that match the most searched-for terms.

    There are four factors to Google Shopping Success: good visuals, relevant product qualities, a price point in line or below the competition, and stellar reviews

    Take the example shown above: the previous shopping product title for “Lhasa” did not contain any high volume product terms such as indoor outdoor rugs or recycled plastic rugs. We did not have customer reviews integrated while our competitors did - which made us look much less attractive and did not leverage the fantastic reviews customers had provided. Consequently, we were penalized by Google Ads, who viewed our ad as not optimized. To address these issues, we worked on an improved shopping ad structure across all Fab Habitat products. With added customer reviews and highly searched product qualities like “indoor outdoor”, “recycled plastic” incorporated, we were able to give more information about the products to prospects before they clicked, which helped us drive better informed traffic to the website. This traffic converted well which decreased our cost per conversion.

    Coupled with these three improvements, we incorporated high volume keywords relevant to our products in Fab Habitat’s landing pages to drive better efficiency.

  • Results

    After our changes, Fab Habitat was able to raise online revenue by 300%. We saw a dramatic increase in conversions once clients landed on Fab Habitat's website, and the number of purchases on Google increased by 225%.

    Following our optimization of their advertising campaigns, we improved Return on Ad Spend by 3X despite doubling spend.


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