We launched by Humankind, a disruptive personal care brand dedicated to reducing single-use plastic waste

We crafted a paid social strategy to drive acquisition, and then transformed those acquired customers into recurring buyers via triggered email marketing.

Key Result

We helped them grow revenue month over month while consistently reaching or beating the CPA targets

Forecasted customer LifeTime Value based on an internal Superbolt model

"Superbolt has been an incredible partner to by Humankind from day 1. What sets Superbolt apart is the dedication and passion their team brings each day, which makes them a true extension of our internal team. It has been a pleasure to work with such a talented group of thinkers, doers, and fellow entrepreneurs."

Josh Goodman


We leveraged robust testing structures to find the right messaging to target the right audience on Facebook Advertising.

  • Part 1

    Telling the brand’s story is key to converting new prospects.

    For new prospects who aren’t familiar with the brand, it’s important to focus on sharing the brand’s story and their mission.

    In order to find a message that would both communicate brand values and also connect to high-opportunity audiences, we came up with many approaches. Ultimately, what performed best was when we described the impact of single use plastic.

    • Case Study - 1
    • Case Study - 2
    • Case Study - 3

    Lowest cost per Add-to-Cart

    Highest Click-Through-Rate

  • Part 2

    Conversion comes from explaining the product’s benefits to qualified leads.

    For audiences who are already somewhat familiar with the brand, it was important to focus on sharing more detailed information about the product. By testing various approaches, we found that byHumankind’s audience was most likely to convert when presented with information about the scientific superiority of the product.

    • Case Study - 1
    • Case Study - 2
    • Case Study - 3

    Lowest cost per Add-to-Cart

    Highest Click-Through-Rate


We leveraged email marketing to educate and convert customers to byHumankind’s refill program.

Post Purchase Drip Campaign

For byHumankind’s post-Purchase drip campaign, we chose to focus on their refill program because of its environmental sustainability & potential to increase average lifetime value.

  • Step 1

    How to Use Refills

    Underscoring the ease & effortlessness of the product & service, before we even attempt to sell.

  • Step 2

    Dollar Savings & Earth Savings

    Communicating that a single product can help save your wallet & your planet.

  • Step 3

    Cross-Selling to Other Products

    Addressing our other offerings for those whose needs were not addressed in the previous two emails.

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