We led AUrate's growth from a $2m seed to a $13M series A in 18 months

We diversified the media mix to continue to grow holistically

Key Result

Quadrupled revenue year over year in 2017, 2018 and 2019

"Superbolt has been an essential part of our marketing strategy, and their team truly makes the process seamless for ours. They’re always available and ready to help. I trust SGS to the point where I am comfortable going on maternity leave!"

Daria Lupinacci

SVP, Marketing

Using insights from FB Ads to build an omni-channel growth strategy

  • Step 1

    We scaled Facebook & Instagram advertising.

    Paid social advertising allowed us to target precisely the right audience, while displaying the beauty and details of the product across static and dynamic placements.

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    • Case Study - 3
  • Step 2

    We then deployed an iterative multi-channel media mix to scale the brand holistically.

    Leveraging the insights we collected about where our audience is and what content resonates, we launched 5 new channels to provide additional growth levers.

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