Superbolt Rewarded for Fast Growth

Superbolt Delivering Fast Growth - in a Sustainable Way
  • Over the past year, in the midst of the pandemic, we were fortunate to obtain two awards that highlight our growth as a company in 2019 and 2020.

    The first, obtained in October 2020, puts us on Adweek’s list of Fastest-Growing Agencies, at #7 overall and #1 in our category (D2C Agencies). It’s an incredible recognition in a year like the last. We were thrilled to receive this first honor and so proud of our teams and clients for building the momentum for this growth.

    The second, obtained just a few weeks ago in March 2021, placed us at #10 (out of 250) on Inc’s list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the New York Metro Area. This remarkable award brings focus to our contributions in an area that is so dear to our hearts.

    At their core, these awards reflect the success of our clients and the hard work we put into managing their growth marketing efforts to help them scale.

    These awards also highlight growth during uncertain pandemic times. Despite the many challenges of the past year, the D2C sector was able to adjust and even thrive, and we were able to ensure enduring growth for many of the brands we work with. In addition, we feel fortunate to have had the ability to restart hiring soon after the start of the pandemic, which allowed us to welcome and support new team members, including talented graduates beginning their careers in a challenging economic environment.

  • A few of our team members during a recent weekly meeting
  • As a Growth Agency in a domain that expects fast results, it’s important to highlight that both for our clients and for ourselves, we put a premium on sustainable, long-term growth. While 2020 saw us growing in leaps and bounds, we made sure to apply the same sustainable growth mindset in-house that we follow for the brands we work with. At Superbolt, we believe that a culture driven by the core values of teamwork, curiosity, and drive is key to fostering long-term internal growth.

    While we look back with gratitude and celebrate the successes that the past year has brought us despite the difficult context, we also look forward to working with those that mean so much to us and to finding new ways to excel with our clients.

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